My Hideaway

my getaway
my hideaway
my place for anger
my place with no danger

I let my thoughts pour out
like water flowing down a spout
thought after thought
flowing and flowing
with my mind
going and going

nothing to stop me
nothing to judge me
these are my thoughts
nothing but ink blots

my thoughts can hurt me
my thoughts can help me
but I write them down for all to see

for that’s what writing is
whether it be hers
whether it be his
it’s the thought that counts
weather it be verbs or nouns
writing is the cornerstone of my grounds

there is no meaningless word
there is no meaningless thought
write it down blot after blot
make a masterpiece and help others
make a masterpiece and share with your brothers

its impact
its words
can change their life
Help them grow and fertilize

writing is my paradise
writing is my carapace
writing is my runaway
writing is my hideaway

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