Being Humble

if you have a dream in life
work towards it and have no regrets
it could pay off your life
and work out your debts.

debts don’t come of failed dreams
but the loss of desire or the loss of burning fire.

for that fire in your heart
is what keeps you going
like a train blowing and blowing it’s little whistle.

then out of nowhere you find a thistle
growing and growing in your heart
you lose the desire and your burning fire
the passion is gone everything you desire.

with your dream floating away
you give it one last push
as if you weren’t afraid
then you grasp it by the wings and fly, fly away.

now with life so good
and everything you desire
you have built it up,
the biggest fire.

with your words of gasoline
and thoughts made of matches
you feed the fire oh so much
that it tears you down
and makes you frown.

in just one instant you can lose it all
so be humble
and don’t be prideful
for if you want it all
don’t brag and you won’t ever fall.

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