what is the most powerful thing on earth?
something you learn right after birth
they can change anything
they’re used when praying
they hurt
they help
they inspire
they make a liar.

the most powerful thing
this world has to bring
get punished and abused
and that’s how they get used
but in some cases
they changes people’s faces
from a frown to a smile
as big as the nile
without them we would find a way
but there would be nothing to say
because just one word
can change one person’s outlook
or maybe even the entire world

words are so powerful
and they can’t die or be spent
like money
cent after cent
they’re better than guns
because they have unlimited ammo
words are amazing
even better than cammo.

you can’t hide from words
they’ll always find you
no matter what you do
they can make you or break you
so watch watch what you do.

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