Think, Think, Think

thinking is like a time bomb
thought after thought
that may never be caught
think too long
you may do something wrong
but don’t think enough
and things are sure to get rough
to find the perfect thought
you must find it quickly
running through your mind like a stream swiftly

grab it by the horns
and try and dodge the thorns
the thought may run away
before you have anything to say

life is such a fast matter
some waste it way
drink after drink
and never have time to think

thinking is like a time bomb
but it is also like a sweet song
use it right and you make others bright
with this wonderful thing
you can open your mouth and sing
or keep it to yourself
not to share with anyone else

use your mind right
and create better insight
share your thoughts with others
because we are all sisters and brothers

there is no stupid thought
unless it were unthought
be aware of that
and put on your thinking cap.

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