Look to the Sky, look for the Hope

Sometimes I feel like climbing to the top of a mountain
Looking down, letting go, and falling to the bottom
Thinking about the good times, the bad times, and all the times in between
Feeling the pain as I fall further and further out of the scene.
Closer to the bottom, I keep falling further and further with no murmur,
But before I take that step towards a never ending fall
I remember the people, the places, and the sum of it all.

This is no joke, this is no game, if you choose to end it, there goes the flame.
Life is a blessing, life is a gift, life is here to do anything with
Everything you work for, everything you lose, it doesn’t matter when you tighten the noose.
Look to the sky and live for tomorrow, because the sun may shine and burrow that sorrow.
Hope is always there, even if you don’t see it, look to the sky and believe in it.

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