The Thinker

I wish I could write all the time
I hate talking, like a mime
I’m a thinker not a speaker
I open my mouth but the words don’t move
I write them down and they seem so smooth
Their legs don’t seem to work
Yet they speak when I do the work
When I write I’m always right
But when I speak i never reach the peak
I’m a thinker not a speaker and the world seems to be a little bleaker because my thoughts can’t be portrayed, this world I have betrayed.


I am me
But thats not what you see
You see what’s underneath
And what’s underneath
Is scarier than the deep blue sea
But to you it is unique

The way I speak
Can sometimes be bleak
But what you see is underneath
And what’s underneath
Is what I truly mean

To others I am me
But to you I am so neat
Because what’s underneath
Is only for you to see


Music is an art
A sound a word
A noise with purpose
Music is someone’s soul
But on paper
with words and intruments
That soul is alive
Music has the power to save a life
To change lives
Music is another world for the blind
The pain I cannot describe
Is to not hear music
But the deaf can’t refuse it
We take music
And we abuse it
But the deaf will never get to use it


The words speak to me
Yet I can’t see who’s speaking
All the syllables so good together
To be said over and over forever
Words can go together so easily
But why cant we why cant we
In such an ugly place
The words are the face
people will hide behind their words
Like they do their face
There is always more to a person
Than what they show
Their words, their face
And the things that they know
All hidden behind the unknow.

Darkness and Light

In a world filled with darkness

there is always a light

no matter how dark

it is always in sight

no matter how strong it might be

with just a flick or strike

light lets you see

if you stay too long

your eyes will adapt

now in the darkness you are trapped

with no need of light any longer

your heart and mind begin to wander

with no light available

your brain is no longer stable

with hope and time running out

you find a light that is oh so bright

walk towards it and turn it on

only to find out that your life is gone.


sometimes I miss when I could just let it flow

pouring out of my brain as I let it go

another thought just flying away

now what else more can I say

this world was once a thought

with good and evil that it has brought

where is my thought?

is it floating around

or is it just hanging out

every one can think up a thought

and let it flow

but can you recapture it

and let it grow?

from thought to idea

to action to pride

a thought is just one big roller coaster ride.

The Boy That never “Grew”

Today I’ll share a story with you

about a boy that never grew

for everybody loved him

except for one…who never had any fun.

The boy that never grew

went through his life giving him the shoo

because nobody liked him

the boy said,” I am way too cool for him.”

As life went on

the boy that never grew

had no more than a shoe,

for he used his shoe

to collect coins from crowds passing through,

and for the boy known as him

lived a life quite opposite of grim

for he was a millionaire

and had no thoughts of despair.

Then on one bright, sunny day

he found himself amongst

the crowds passing through

one after another

ignoring the man with the shoe.

As he approached

he recognized that poor little man,

gave him some coins

and shook his hand,

as he said, ” Thank you for making me who I am.”

Heart and Mind

connection tween heart and mind

is the dilemma some never seem to find

they fill their life with objects and lust

just to find out their final hand is a bust

with heart and mind so interactive with one another

without it you may never find love for the other

does brain overpower heart

or does heart overpower brain

let one reign over the other and you might go insane

for the connection tween heart and mind is a two way train.

You and Me

my reality isn’t your reality

you don’t see what I see and I don’t see what you see

but I can see you and you can see me

and were both here and what does that mean

do I help you or do you help me

are we being watched or are we free

with many other people like you and me

who is the dog and who is the flea

why cant they just let us be

whats so special about you and me

is that the president is a regular human being

why is he the dog and why are we the flea

he is just like you and me

he wasn’t made differently

and neither was the hippy on the street

but that’s the difference between you and me

I’m happy and healthy and you’re just mean


Two Tasty Things

you and me, we are not perfect by any means
like milk and cereal definitely two tasty things
we are no Michael Jordan
and we are not filled with boredom
but we are definitely two tasty things

put us together and mix us in a bowl
then we might as well be solid gold
without each other we are incomplete
but with each other we cant be beat

when you’re not around
half of my body is nowhere to be found
but when you are around
I feel like a king being crowned

so beautiful and goofy
and maybe a little moody
but no matter what your mood be
I still love to be…
two tasty things.