This Is America (in response to the Coca-Cola commercial uproar)

We live in a country of many different cultures
protected all by the same soldiers.
Its what we are its who we are.
This is America
land of the free and home of the brave
we fought through the era of the slave
all men created equal
This is america, We The People.
Through a civil war our country was reborn
by one African American our country transformed.
Black, White, Asian, or Mexican
we all live here and all feel secure.
One country, many languages
one country, many advantages.
one commercial creates an uproar
when its who we are the greatest country ever explored.
Diversity defines us
This is America
In God We Trust.

Mr. 42

for most people 4 and 2 equals six
but for me 4 and 2 equals one
one man who changed the game
one man who wasn’t afraid
a hero to some
while a villain to others
he walked onto the field
with fans of many colors
with booing here
and cheering there
he just didn’t seem to care
Mr. Robinson was on a mission
and nothing would stop his vision
White vs. Black
some wanted none of that
players, coaches, and fans had other plans
N word here N word there
stolen base here stolen base there
Mr. Robinson was everywhere
with nothing but a bat and glove
he turned the white man’s hate into love.

From OR to AND (Abe Lincoln and MLK)

Abraham Lincoln OR Martin Luther king
four score and seven years ago OR I have a dream
black OR white
wrong OR right
2 great men with one goal
both died because of men without souls
2 men who changed the world
2 men who paved the way
2 men who created today
the first black this the first black that
from baseball players to presidents
there’s all kinds of evidence
of the people for the people by the people
shaped our great nation stronger than a cathedral
built even stronger by nothing more than a dream
made the two men a team
making it possible to say
Abraham lincloln AND Martin Luther King
four score seven years ago AND I have a dream
black AND white
wrong AND right
two great men at different times with one dream making them the original dream team.

Dying Country

founded by many
the men on the dime, the nickel
and even the penny
this great nation we live in
bound by freedom
but unraveled with sin
many flock to it
in search for the American dream
when it’s nowhere to be found
they start at the ground
and work towards the sky
but lose ambition
and think it’s a lie
this great nation we live in
built by hardwork and bloodshed
is falling towards the ground almost dead
what do we do?
we sit on the couch
lay back and watch it fall
eat our potato chips
and do nothing at all
no love, no passion
everything has changed
where did it all go
there are many to blame
this still is the land of opportunity
it just takes hardwork and unity
many great people we’ve made
fell to the ground
killed by the blade
defending our great country
with honor and loyalty
they get no respect
when they should be royalty
we have no more unity
we are falling apart with disgusting cruelty
with one final push
we could bounce over the hump
crown the royalty
and get out of this dump
the greatest country ever brought forth
can conquer ourselves
and move on henceforth.

The Greatest Country

arise from your seat
feel your heart go beat…beat…beat
the flag waving in the wind
you’re hoping that your team will win
as the person begins to sing
you get a tingling feeling
the land of the free
and the home of the brave
their voice slowly begins to raise
the beautiful flag sways in the wind
you close your eyes
and think of this country….the greatest prize
every man and woman that has died
every pioneer that walked stride by stride
made this country what it is
the greatest country that has ever lived.