if you had one wish
what would you wish for?
if you had one opportunity
would you score?
if you had one dream
would you soar?
if you only had one more day
what would you say?
if you had a lot of money
would you be the same person or go running?
if you had unlimited time
would you help others or live with crime?
if you could ask one last question
would it help you learn a lesson?
there is no such thing as a stupid question
so let it fly and just maybe it will find a reply.


words turn into writing
and writing turns into layers
many different meanings
they sound like prayers
with so many thoughts going through my head
my brain wants to leave nothing unsaid
phrase after phrase jumping through my ear
so many thoughts these words are sincere
but with the world around me so distracting
it’s so hard to keep this up without practicing
if practice makes perfect
then why is nobody there
perfect is the destination everyone fears
they say it’s impossible
but my mind is theosophical
what does that mean
you wish you knew
just keep thinking there’s nothing you can do

Tick Tock….

sitting in my chair
as I stare at the clock
so bored, with nothing to do
my brain begins to hoard, so many things out of the blue.
it seems to go slower and slower
with the past nothing but a blur
my imagination begins to wander
with nothing else to do, I think of something new.
so much time has gone by
my brain is slowly beginning to die
boredom is attacking my soul
it is changing my personality as a whole.
I’m beginning to notice, this isn’t good
this puts kids in the hood doing things they never should
I have now gotten to the bottom of it all
boredom is the pit
where all evils fall.