This Moldy Generation

as a kid you want to be old
and as you’re old
you don’t want to be mold
everyday rotting away
were all getting older
what can you say
there’s only so much life to live
so why receive when you can give
give inspiration and insight
give the young a reason to fight
we live in a world of YOLO and swag
nobody is humble because they all brag
so reach in your bag
and pull out some gold
give them advice
and get rid of your mold

To Act or React

in the heat of the moment you react
no time to think
and within a blink
you react

with time to prepare
ideas are flowing
your knowledge is growing
you are preparing to act

to act or to react
that is the question
brainless people choose to react
as the intelligent man chooses to act

with no thoughts of what could happen next
the reactor takes action and sees the domino effect
while for the man who chose to act
he just sits back and laughs

with knowledge of what could happen next
the actor takes them down one by one
until he has finally won.

sometimes we don’t think and we react
so put that brain to use and choose to act
take it in your own hands
and make better plans

for the one who acts triumphs over he who reacts.


live everyday like it’s your last
but never forget your past
for we want no mistakes
because there are no retakes

life is such a wonderful thing
you start out small
and then grow oh so tall
but if you never grow
you can still glow
because everyone is different
that’s why life is so magnificent

we all have different talents
to keep it all in balance
so if someone is to fall
there is always someone to call

for life is so beautiful
we must not look past it
god gave us this gift
so take advantage of it.