We do what we want in life
think about the consequence then make the sacrifice
usually between two things we love
how do we decide whats above
decisions can make you
decisions can break you
they can even hate you
if you do what you love
and love what you do
your decisions will love you
just journey to the end
how many miles, it will depend
sacrifice your life to the greater good
make the better decision
you know you would.

Spying On The Past

memories a pigment of the past
lookin back at the good and the bad
taking time to remember where you came from
jump to conclusions not finding a crumb.
little pictures going through your head
trying to reminisce the things that were said
putting a smile on your face
and a sparkle in your eye
you’re in your past becoming a spy
watching the good and bad
while hopping over the sad
a pool of memories
waiting for you to dive in
but with no diving board
you stop.
and grin….and continue your journey to the end.

The Journey

what is life?
why are we here?
I’m always trying to change gear
but it keeps knocking on my door
making me think making my head sore
what’s next?
what do I do?
then I think of something new
the road never ends
but on the tires…it depends
fill up the tank
and run to tomorrow
we have no time for darkness and sorrow
keep a smile as if you couldn’t swallow
the world is a journey filled to the brim
so read between the lines and don’t forget to skim

Life, The Ultimate Hunt

we all worry about the smallest things
and never notice the blessings life brings
everyone hurries to work not to be late
like its going to change their fate

you may get fired
but why take it so seriously
just have fun
and live life instantaneously.

If you only live once
then why do it with a grunt
live life to the fullest
and make it the ultimate hunt.


words turn into writing
and writing turns into layers
many different meanings
they sound like prayers
with so many thoughts going through my head
my brain wants to leave nothing unsaid
phrase after phrase jumping through my ear
so many thoughts these words are sincere
but with the world around me so distracting
it’s so hard to keep this up without practicing
if practice makes perfect
then why is nobody there
perfect is the destination everyone fears
they say it’s impossible
but my mind is theosophical
what does that mean
you wish you knew
just keep thinking there’s nothing you can do


long day comes to a rest
kick off my shoes
and fall on the bed
throw in my headphones
and just forget
have my dreams take me away
and let the sheets show me the way
with my pillow as the cloud
and my bed like the crowd
as it lifts me up like a wave
taking me further and further away..

Work Hard

c’mon just one more
c’mon I’m doing great
c’mon do it again
putting my body to the test
nothing is going to put me to rest
unless its this beating thing in my chest
c’mon your still alive
were all here to contend
put your body to the test
and it will bring your mind to rest
get away from the world
jump into your heart
find your part and work hard

A Dream and Real Life

the cool breeze flowing through the window
with your head softly laid on a pillow
another day has been put to rest
close your eyes and open the quest

a brand new world that’s all your own
anything you can think of
you’re finally home

now inside your mind
anything can happen
Los Angeles, California or even Manhattan
a whole world is waiting
all covered in satin…

with the sun rising
your body begins to realize
this isn’t real…
what does it symbolize?

which is which?
how do we know?
live your dream
and dream your life
confuse your mind
and make your dreams come alive

A dream and real life
with a dream to summarize
and a life to surprise

Being Humble

if you have a dream in life
work towards it and have no regrets
it could pay off your life
and work out your debts.

debts don’t come of failed dreams
but the loss of desire or the loss of burning fire.

for that fire in your heart
is what keeps you going
like a train blowing and blowing it’s little whistle.

then out of nowhere you find a thistle
growing and growing in your heart
you lose the desire and your burning fire
the passion is gone everything you desire.

with your dream floating away
you give it one last push
as if you weren’t afraid
then you grasp it by the wings and fly, fly away.

now with life so good
and everything you desire
you have built it up,
the biggest fire.

with your words of gasoline
and thoughts made of matches
you feed the fire oh so much
that it tears you down
and makes you frown.

in just one instant you can lose it all
so be humble
and don’t be prideful
for if you want it all
don’t brag and you won’t ever fall.