Spying On The Past

memories a pigment of the past
lookin back at the good and the bad
taking time to remember where you came from
jump to conclusions not finding a crumb.
little pictures going through your head
trying to reminisce the things that were said
putting a smile on your face
and a sparkle in your eye
you’re in your past becoming a spy
watching the good and bad
while hopping over the sad
a pool of memories
waiting for you to dive in
but with no diving board
you stop.
and grin….and continue your journey to the end.

Life’s Only Answer

add the positive subtract the negative
go through the steps
and find what it equals
skip a step
and everything is wrong
but don’t leap forward
and it’s all gone
draw the line
and divide the numbers
add an x and multiply the songbirds
life’s only right answer is happiness
so go through the steps
and live every moment
circle the answer
and show them you own it