The Journey

what is life?
why are we here?
I’m always trying to change gear
but it keeps knocking on my door
making me think making my head sore
what’s next?
what do I do?
then I think of something new
the road never ends
but on the tires…it depends
fill up the tank
and run to tomorrow
we have no time for darkness and sorrow
keep a smile as if you couldn’t swallow
the world is a journey filled to the brim
so read between the lines and don’t forget to skim

Life’s Only Answer

add the positive subtract the negative
go through the steps
and find what it equals
skip a step
and everything is wrong
but don’t leap forward
and it’s all gone
draw the line
and divide the numbers
add an x and multiply the songbirds
life’s only right answer is happiness
so go through the steps
and live every moment
circle the answer
and show them you own it