Work Hard

c’mon just one more
c’mon I’m doing great
c’mon do it again
putting my body to the test
nothing is going to put me to rest
unless its this beating thing in my chest
c’mon your still alive
were all here to contend
put your body to the test
and it will bring your mind to rest
get away from the world
jump into your heart
find your part and work hard

What Are We? (public school)

we all grow up differently
go through the motions
and learn how to read
go to kindergarten and learn our abc’s
then comes first grade
and they start teaching us all the same
for 12 straight years teaching us the same thing
teaching us things we don’t even need
just 12 years of repetition
put us in a desk and expect us to listen
taking tests that predict your future
and writing papers on your computer
creative minds get shot down
because A isn’t the right answer
sorry this is wrong now you can’t go to Stanford
they teach us to treat everyone the same
and not to judge
when the teacher says, “I can’t even read this smudge!”
they grade our work with their work like they’re a god
when I can probably write better than you ever could
30 different papers
but one answer key
what are we? all the same?


stuck within my head all day
just thinking with nothing to say
just trapped within myself
so confused not knowing what to do
my mind is a jail with my heart the cell
just everything trapped inside
its all stuck no parole for life…

This Material World

we live in a world of material things
everybody dreamin staring at digital dreams
thinking hoping wishing
it will come to them
without spending a cent

no hardwork no sweat no tears
just praying to the man above
but that’s not what god does
no hardwork equals no dreamin’
its never on a silver platter
I don’t know what you’re thinkin’

kids growing up getting cell phones at 10
teenagers getting pregnant is becoming a trend
with all of these material things
you have to sit back and see what life brings

A Dream and Real Life

the cool breeze flowing through the window
with your head softly laid on a pillow
another day has been put to rest
close your eyes and open the quest

a brand new world that’s all your own
anything you can think of
you’re finally home

now inside your mind
anything can happen
Los Angeles, California or even Manhattan
a whole world is waiting
all covered in satin…

with the sun rising
your body begins to realize
this isn’t real…
what does it symbolize?

which is which?
how do we know?
live your dream
and dream your life
confuse your mind
and make your dreams come alive

A dream and real life
with a dream to summarize
and a life to surprise

The Slap

thoughts jumping around
without making a sound
your brain begins to hurt
with everything unheard

your lips begin to move
like they’re in a groove
but you didn’t even think
as your heart begins to sink

with your brain hurting more
and your heart on the floor
you wish you didn’t say it
but you thought it’d fit

now with your brain so sore
and your heart on the floor
you can’t take it back
you’ve done it now…WHACK!


what is the most powerful thing on earth?
something you learn right after birth
they can change anything
they’re used when praying
they hurt
they help
they inspire
they make a liar.

the most powerful thing
this world has to bring
get punished and abused
and that’s how they get used
but in some cases
they changes people’s faces
from a frown to a smile
as big as the nile
without them we would find a way
but there would be nothing to say
because just one word
can change one person’s outlook
or maybe even the entire world

words are so powerful
and they can’t die or be spent
like money
cent after cent
they’re better than guns
because they have unlimited ammo
words are amazing
even better than cammo.

you can’t hide from words
they’ll always find you
no matter what you do
they can make you or break you
so watch watch what you do.

Tick Tock….

sitting in my chair
as I stare at the clock
so bored, with nothing to do
my brain begins to hoard, so many things out of the blue.
it seems to go slower and slower
with the past nothing but a blur
my imagination begins to wander
with nothing else to do, I think of something new.
so much time has gone by
my brain is slowly beginning to die
boredom is attacking my soul
it is changing my personality as a whole.
I’m beginning to notice, this isn’t good
this puts kids in the hood doing things they never should
I have now gotten to the bottom of it all
boredom is the pit
where all evils fall.