What Are We? (public school)

we all grow up differently
go through the motions
and learn how to read
go to kindergarten and learn our abc’s
then comes first grade
and they start teaching us all the same
for 12 straight years teaching us the same thing
teaching us things we don’t even need
just 12 years of repetition
put us in a desk and expect us to listen
taking tests that predict your future
and writing papers on your computer
creative minds get shot down
because A isn’t the right answer
sorry this is wrong now you can’t go to Stanford
they teach us to treat everyone the same
and not to judge
when the teacher says, “I can’t even read this smudge!”
they grade our work with their work like they’re a god
when I can probably write better than you ever could
30 different papers
but one answer key
what are we? all the same?


don’t judge a book by its cover
don’t jump to conclusions
and don’t laugh at him or her
don’t think you know what’s going on
don’t ignore that hitchhiker or that con
for they were once just like you
you don’t have to judge them for what they do

every person in this world has something in common
we all come from one god
and god don’t make no junk
understand that and find that spunk

whether it be in their heart
whether it be in their brain
don’t judge and don’t presume they’re insane

something made them that way
it ruined their fame
but they aren’t to blame
discover that spunk
find where it is
and throw away the junk