We do what we want in life
think about the consequence then make the sacrifice
usually between two things we love
how do we decide whats above
decisions can make you
decisions can break you
they can even hate you
if you do what you love
and love what you do
your decisions will love you
just journey to the end
how many miles, it will depend
sacrifice your life to the greater good
make the better decision
you know you would.

The Forgottens

so many gifts that go to waste
buried, forgotten
and lost into tomorrow.
smiles and memories of the past
buried, forgotten
and lost without  a sorrow.
new gifts and memories will be made waiting to be forgotten
before they are displayed.

Life, The Ultimate Hunt

we all worry about the smallest things
and never notice the blessings life brings
everyone hurries to work not to be late
like its going to change their fate

you may get fired
but why take it so seriously
just have fun
and live life instantaneously.

If you only live once
then why do it with a grunt
live life to the fullest
and make it the ultimate hunt.

The More Than Life

is it slowly slipping away
or has it always just been too far away
no matter how high you jump
no matter how hard you work
it just runs away with a smirk
mocking you and teasing you
leaving you with the residue
theres only one thing you can do
keep jumping keep working
make that smirk disappear
catch it out of the air and make it your souvenir
dont give up and dont surrender
its better to go down fighting
rather than go down surviving
would you rather be the hero that died
or the coward who chose just to survive
nothing is ever too far out of reach
just jump higher and higher, and be more than a survivor.


if you had one wish
what would you wish for?
if you had one opportunity
would you score?
if you had one dream
would you soar?
if you only had one more day
what would you say?
if you had a lot of money
would you be the same person or go running?
if you had unlimited time
would you help others or live with crime?
if you could ask one last question
would it help you learn a lesson?
there is no such thing as a stupid question
so let it fly and just maybe it will find a reply.

This Moldy Generation

as a kid you want to be old
and as you’re old
you don’t want to be mold
everyday rotting away
were all getting older
what can you say
there’s only so much life to live
so why receive when you can give
give inspiration and insight
give the young a reason to fight
we live in a world of YOLO and swag
nobody is humble because they all brag
so reach in your bag
and pull out some gold
give them advice
and get rid of your mold


long day comes to a rest
kick off my shoes
and fall on the bed
throw in my headphones
and just forget
have my dreams take me away
and let the sheets show me the way
with my pillow as the cloud
and my bed like the crowd
as it lifts me up like a wave
taking me further and further away..

The Slap

thoughts jumping around
without making a sound
your brain begins to hurt
with everything unheard

your lips begin to move
like they’re in a groove
but you didn’t even think
as your heart begins to sink

with your brain hurting more
and your heart on the floor
you wish you didn’t say it
but you thought it’d fit

now with your brain so sore
and your heart on the floor
you can’t take it back
you’ve done it now…WHACK!

To Act or React

in the heat of the moment you react
no time to think
and within a blink
you react

with time to prepare
ideas are flowing
your knowledge is growing
you are preparing to act

to act or to react
that is the question
brainless people choose to react
as the intelligent man chooses to act

with no thoughts of what could happen next
the reactor takes action and sees the domino effect
while for the man who chose to act
he just sits back and laughs

with knowledge of what could happen next
the actor takes them down one by one
until he has finally won.

sometimes we don’t think and we react
so put that brain to use and choose to act
take it in your own hands
and make better plans

for the one who acts triumphs over he who reacts.

Let It Go

it’s never over even in
this place filled with sin
with drugs and money controlling lives
and thugs and gangsters holding knives
it’s never over don’t listen to the lies
anyone and anything can change a life
it’s all in your head
maybe alive
maybe dead
your brain is controlled by you
not your friend
greatness is achieved by you
mistakes are made by you
no excuses
but plenty of bruises
no pain no gain
whether it be physical
whether it be mental
there is always pain
it’s your job to stay sane
two letters makes a world of difference
when you’re sane or insane
so live your life and live up to your name.