My Baseball Brother (dedicated to Pacen “Young Buck” Hayes

Four years ago I was a child among men
now you are there not knowing how it will end
now I am leaving the team to you
it is your turn to lead the crew.
My right hand man and my baseball brother
always has my back
as we look out for one another
we may fight and call each other names
but we always seem to put out the flames
we’ve been through it all in just one year
so lets go to state to end my high school career.
my baseball brother the young buck
I pass the torch to you so tear it up.

My Love (Baseball)

baseball, baseball
the sport I love and hate
is always there knocking at my door
some may say it is fate
but I think that it is much much more

throwing the ball
swinging the bat
umps calling every call
and putting on your hat

while playing this great game
what isn’t there to love
with nothing but a bat and glove

not everything is gold
especially in baseball
because dreams can mold
and even fall

even then it’s still great
but that’s the risk that you take
baseball, baseball
the sport I love
baseball, baseball
is all of the above.